mardi 7 mai 2013

Interlude: running for Boston

Exceptionnellement, ce billet est rédigé en anglais.

When Bart and Montie' announced MLA Runs4Boston, where medical librarians at the MLA'13 meeting would be running for the Boston Marathon victims fund, I was more than happy to participate. Although I couldn't join the group runs because of my meeting schedule, I am pleased to add 27 km to the total tally.

I actually ran the first 10,6k of my runs in Montreal a couple weeks ago, as I joined hundreds of runners for a commemorative run on top of Mont Royal. In Boston, I ran 4k on Thursday along the Charles River, and today I had an amazing 12,4k run across the historic streets of this vibrant city.

Please consider a donation to the One Fund if you haven't done so already. Thank you!

Old South Church
Boston Public Garden


Paul Revere statue in the North End

Old tavern and Oyster House

Spirit of Boston

Beacon Hill houses

Breakfast on the run
End of my personal Boston half-marathon

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