dimanche 23 mai 2010

Posters and receptions

Exusez-moi pour la langue... but I have had a few drinks (crashing at the Ovid party : thanks Monique, that was a great idea) and I don't feel like fetching all the special signs on Word all over again :D. And my mind is running on English anyway, so no worries, this should be readable.

There were a few poster presentations of interest this afternoon. First, someone made a survey of librarians who were health professionals at some point in their career before switching to LIS. It is no surprise that these people feel like they have an edge when they need to interact with researchers. Next, someone demonstrated how she managed to gather 5 independent health librarywebsites into one - this rings a bell with my situation at UdeM! Two different presenters from U of Pittsburgh showcased their bioinformatics directory (I actually talk about it in my NCBI workshop and I'll include the link in my furture bioinformatics guide, so they were pleased when I mentioned this to them). Finally, a librarian showed us the need for libraries to become involved in the storage of data generated by academic researchers.
Back at the exhibits for a little while, where I got friendly with the Nature guys (Scientific American has moved with them). Patrice will be happy to hear that he'll get a free trial to the Natural Products database for the next month :D Since I never buy anything at the library, here I get to pretend to be interested in vendor stuff so I can collect nice pens!

I went back to my room to unload all the goodies accumulated so far (for my colleagues! I swear!) and returned to attend the International reception. There I chatted with Benjamin from this morning, and fellow Canadian librarians from UBC and University of Victoria; and greeted Benedicte from Sanofi-Adventis in Laval (we met at SLA before) and a librarian from Lebanon. My fellow Canadian librarians and I then managed to crash the Ovid party, where I danced wildly on 80's music, enjoyed great food and met someone from the University of Calgary, among others. I had to promise her that I'll present a poster there next year at CHLA ;D

There is a librarians band playing right now (the Bearded pigs) so I'll go take a peek and then I'm off to bed. It's been raining here so I dunno if I'll be running on the Mall tomorrow morning as planned... also as a general comment on MLA10, note that there are no recycling bins on view to get rid of all these paper handouts, and that the ambient temperature in the meeting rooms is 12C. And this is a so-called "green conference" ?! Merci and more tomorrow!

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